Project LiveStream

Due to the COVID crisis, we as a foundation were forced to come up with alternatives. The plans as planned could not be continued in that form. Due to the action that we had set up as a foundation to support musicians, we experienced what it was to provide live streams. The plan was soon conceived to acquire our own system with which we would be able to stream live concerts. But the system still had to be usable after the pandemic. It had to be a multi-use system that we would enjoy for years to come. With input from various angles, a system was eventually put together, a project plan was written, funds were approached and the system is now a fact. As a foundation, we are extremely grateful for all the help and support we have received. As a foundation, we can use this system to help musicians and choirs record and stream high-quality video and audio. The project has now been completed, but we use the equipment extensively in our other projects.